Villa Charities Parking

901 Lawrence Ave. W., North York, ON M6A 1C3


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Villa Charitie

About Villa Charities

At Villa Charities, our history is who we are. Founded in 1971, Villa Charities was established to provide elderly Italian-Canadians with affordable, high quality, and culturally conscious long-term care. In 1976, that vision materialized with the construction of Villa Colombo Toronto, a long-term care facility that incorporates various elements of Italian culture to create an environment of peace, community, and comfort. Since then Villa Charities has blossomed, adding a diversified community centre and four more senior living facilities. Today, after nearly five decades, Villa Charities has become one of the most versatile, holistic, and inclusive charities in the country, providing so much to so many.

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Precise Parklink

About Precise ParkLink

Precise ParkLink is a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry. With 30 years of experience in the Canadian parking market, they have become a complete turnkey parking solution as they bridge the gap between parking operations, parking equipment, parking construction and maintenance, and parking revenue financial services- a claim no other Canadian parking organization can make. 

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