Billy Bishop Toronto Airport
Airport Terminal Parking

Airport Terminal, Toronto, ON M5V 1A1

Billy Bishop Toronto Airport parking is the closest, most secure and convenient YTZ parking available. The airport parking is also available to the general public and ideal for vehicle owners who require a secure parking environment. The Billy Bishop Toronto Airport parking consists of both mainland and island parking lots.

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Billy Bishop Toronto Airport Parking Details

Parking Equipment Type

Gated Parking System




Parking Office Information


Phone: 416.203.1144


How To Use Our Gated Parking System

Watch the video below to learn how to use the gated parking system at Billy Bishop Toronto Airport…

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About Stolport Corporation

The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is a convenient and reliable transportation hub for frequent flyers on major airlines as well as sightseers and students alike.

With less hassle and less worry, and located in downtown Toronto, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is a refreshing alternative to other airports.

As the authority who manages the parking facilities for the BBTCA, Stolport Corporation is committed to continue that convenience with simple and easy public parking solutions.

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About Precise ParkLink

Precise ParkLink is a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry. With 30 years of experience in the Canadian parking market, they have become a complete turnkey parking solution as they bridge the gap between parking operations, parking equipment, parking construction and maintenance, and parking revenue financial services- a claim no other Canadian parking organization can make. 

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