City Centre Plaza Parking

1 City Centre Dr., Mississauga, ON L5B 1M2

City Centre Plaza Parking Details

Phone: 905-848-4902
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 7:00pm


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GWL Realty Advisors

About GWL Realty Advisors

GWL Realty Advisors provides comprehensive asset management, property management, development and specialized real estate advisory services and is a trusted real estate advisor to some of Canada’s major pension funds and institutions. The company employs more than 800 people in 11 offices. GWL Realty Advisors was incorporated in 1993 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Great-West Life Assurance Company. 

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Precise Parklink

About Precise ParkLink

When Precise ParkLink was founded more than 30 years ago, the company was a two-person field operation with a simple aspiration: to make a difference in the world of parking automation.

Since then, Precise ParkLink has grown into a nation-wide managed services and technology firm with more than 700 employees across Canada, a head office in Toronto, and 11 supporting offices across the country.

But what sets us apart from other parking operators isn’t where we are, it’s what we are: a full-service urban mobility firm. One source for all your parking-related needs.

Precise ParkLink manages parking lots on behalf of property owners and supplies cutting-edge technology and services to thousands of clients in the healthcare, municipal, commercial, institutional, and private sectors.

Being a vertically integrated parking management solutions company puts us in a unique position. We can provide a level of management and technical integration that is best-in-class. Just ask the hundreds of clients to whom we’ve delivered cost-effective and customer focused solutions over the years.

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